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I started my IT career at LHS, enrolling in a vocational program primarily focused on networking. Alongside mastering networking, I gained proficiency in configuring diverse hardware and databases. From there, with others from the program, I began small-scale projects such as deploying Apache servers on Ubuntu. It was during this time that I solidified my commitment to a career in the tech realm. Concurrently, during my senior year, I delved into computer science, balancing this academic pursuit with moving out of my parents' house and employment at Malco.

Within my first year at Malco, I earned a promotion to a managerial role, subsequently managing for an additional year before departing for college. The experience at Base Camp Coding Academy significantly contributed to my growth, providing expertise in seven coding languages/frameworks and invaluable lessons on collaborative teamwork within the software industry.

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Here is an amalgamation of some of my favorite projects so far demonstrating my skill.

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Flipper zero shop scraper

A cli program that scrapes and stores data from the flipper zero shop.

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Copy Cat playstation

A complete copy of the playstation login page, built from scratch.

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Sunset Solar Solutions

A functional donation site, designed in django, for a fake solar panel company.

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Media Look Up

Working off a free api I found this site uses react to search up any media made ie: video games, movies, tv.

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